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The 4040 Plan

The goal: reduce carbon emissions quickly.

The Steps:

  1. I soft release my autobiography for free on my website.
  2. Portland elects me to congress.
  3. On day one, I put the 4040 bill and the carbon taxes in the hopper.
  4. I assemble a small team to further research the facts about how best to ramp up wind and solar power.
  5. I code, assemble and make a tutorial of an arcade style game to be put on display in Washington DC.
  6. Land some interviews on talk shows to talk about climate change and the 4040 plan.
  7. The 4040 and energy tax bills are adopted and/or people voluntarily make the necessary changes.

The way the 4040 plan works is by drawing the national attention. I do not know that it can be done, but it is worth a shot. We need to change the national conversation from "does climate change exist" and "how bad will it get" to "what can we do about it" and "what are the tradeoffs?" Portland can elect me. I was on the ballot in the last election. I've been slow to put my autobiography together. These things take time. I do have about 1/3 of it completed. Getting the word out is challenging. I simply cannot do it alone.

Getting elected and putting a couple bills in the hopper is not enough. The plan has to be about drawing attention. I have a way of doing that. I could be a multi-instrumentalist jazz musician and computer programmer in congress. Will it work? Nobody really knows, but if I do not get donations to reach more people with this message, it has very little chance of succeeding.