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Social Security is a great program, we must save it. I do not like the idea of privitizing social security.

Most people that I've seen in their 60's have a reduced capacity to work. Some are forced out of their jobs because of out-dated skills. Some people worked extremely physical jobs and are worn out. Others have physical limitations due to aging. I know of some people working in thier 60's, but from what I've seen, it is not the norm.

In my opinion, we must raise taxes, not lower them. Taxes are going down and the national debt is going up. The philosophy is that if we lower taxes, there will be a trickle down; more jobs will be created and overall income from taxes will increase. Yet if you look at the charts, ever since the Reagan administration the national debt to GDP has been going up. The whole economy thing is very complicated, but I believe that lowering taxes is a bad thing and social security is going to wind up getting the short end of the stick. Taxes are not the enemy folks.