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I believe in making a sustainable coloney on Mars. I do not believe in space tourism. I don't think there is a way to make a sustainable coloney on the moon. By sustainable, I mean 100% sustainable. I believe Mars is a one way mission. People going there to raise families. Life, all known life in the universe, has a better chance at surviving with two planets.

I don't believe we have to get there at break-neck speeds. I don't think it works unless robots create the whole liveable environment, including the plants, before any humans get there. You certainly wouldn't want to live on Mars without cotton. Robots aren't quite up to the task yet, but they will be soon. It'll require sending a lot of robots and mining equipment first. It'll take a lot of space flights. A lot of rocket fuel. This isn't good for the environment here on Earth, but I think we need to take this step. I think lauching stuff into space indefinitely is a bad idea. Make it sustainable then cut down on the rocket usage is the idea.

I think NASA has a wealth of technical knowledge about our world and place in the universe. If I'm elected, I'd love to forge relationships with the people there.