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The federal government is labeling a large section of our society as criminal. It is very similar to the rights of any minority population. There are simply enough marijuana users that they need the right to not be labeled as criminal.

I've enjoyed the positive and negative effects of marijuana in my life. Yes, there are both positive and negative effects. I quit smoking for good a year ago and am not looking back. The health of my lungs is far more important than any more joy that I could squeeze out of the marijuana experience. I had my fun with it.

I told the Navy that I was a daily pot smoker in 2000. I had switched back to using marijuana because I was starting to develop a problem with alcohol. There was quite a bit of drinking going on in the Navy band. Switching back to marijuana absolutely fixed my problem with alcohol. I have not been drunk since the 90's. I told the Navy this. I did want to get out of the Navy, but I loved the Navy band. It was a good job. I wanted to make a political statement.

Now almost two decades later, marijuana is legal in Oregon and many other states. I don't like the way it is being advertised here. And the industrialization of it is less than desireable in my opinion. We need to fix this once and for all on the federal level and let the states sort out the details.