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Republicans are scrambling to disassemble and destroy the Affordable Care Act. Thankfully, they have not been too successful.

Giving immunizations, setting broken limbs, appendectomy surgery, colonoscopies. We need to insure that everyone has access to these kinds of procedures. I do not think that attempting to fix every cancer with expensive procedures is a basic human right. It's great that we can do these things, but if the money isn't there, those are the first on the chopping block in my opinion. I don't see this as a death panel. Any time a doctor can pull someone out of death like that is a bonus, not a requirement.

I like the Affordable Care Act. I like the idea of socialized medicine. I'm not a fan of insurance companies.

Let's be honest here: healthcare costs are going up because demand is greater than supply and because people will do almost anything to avoid death. The unspeakable reality here is a doctor telling you that treatment is hopeless (enter the lawyers). It's in a doctor's best interest to try to fix you and at the very least, it's practice. And practice is important.

The real question is this: is this system good enough? I'm on the fence about it.