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Does global trade make sense? It is a complicated question.

Using oil to ship products all over the world sure doesn't seem like it is good for climate change. And the trade deficit we have with the east has got to be bad for our bottom line. But creating a factory isn't easy. Having to create factories all over the world that do the same thing is tough. Things are made from parts and having parts in the vicinity makes sense.

For the most part, I agree with the current round of tarrifs. Having so much American money going overseas is a bad thing. It is a war, a trade war. We aren't just starting it now, it has been going on for decades. But what about the bottom line? Does having a central factory for the world make sense? It may. I've been reading about how automation is killing jobs in India. If machines are doing all the work and having a central location in the world makes sense, then maybe we shouldn't be messing with this system.