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I'm rewriting this page. I've got this in articles instead of issues for a reason. Food seems to be a pretty subjective topic. Everyone has their own ideas about it. I'm going to share some of mine here.

I used to dislike how cooking gets so much attention but farming doesn't. I don't feel that way anymore. I think cooking has a lot to do with how human beings have evolved. We're pretty big and complex compared to most animals. Processing and cooking food is a way of pre-digesting it which allows us to pack in more calories. This is good and bad.

Food is tied to health. Food and health are probably the biggest business out there. Diabetes is a huge problem that runs in my family. I got to be borderline pre-diabetic and went to great lengths to lose over 40 pounds and reduced my A1C blood test by .7 points. Hopefully that was enough to keep me from getting diabetes, but I watch it like a hawk every day. Diabetes is a huge government expense.

Meat is a huge contributor to climate change. I still eat some meat, but I am putting limits on it. I rarely buy meat at the store anymore. I don't like putting it in the bag next to my nice vegetables. Because I'm not eating much meat, I am taking B12 pills. But I do eat some meat. Some people abstain from eating meat for ethical reasons. There certainly are a lot of undesireable practices in that industry. One of my friends says "It's a holocost every day for chickens."

Organic farming is obviously reliant on manure. It's reliant on animals. Would vegetarians just let all these animals die of natural causes instead of eating them? Would they rather use manure from humans? I think the Haber-Bosch process for nitrogen fertilizer is clever. Nitrogen runoff is a huge problem, isn't it?

Ultimately, I think I have more questions than answers on this topic.