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Money in Politics

Let's do some math...

Let's say you do a USPS mailing campaign. Let's say it costs 50 cents per household. If you mail 10,000, it costs $5,000. $5,000 extra for a regular citizen is a lot of money, but it's doable. But you only reach 10,000 households.

If 5% of those people donate $10, you've made your money back. It's perpetual, you can go on forever like this. You've made it. If this were easy to do, everyone would be doing it and it would be a total mess.

But people can be a little stingy not wanting to pay the high price of 99 cents for an app to go on their $1,000 phone when there is so much free stuff. So basically no one gives. But the job still needs to be done. So it is common knowlege that candidates get on the phone asking for bigger donations and that gets us the system we have now. More of a corporate sponsor type of thing that is similar to a freemium style of apps.

Both ways get the job done. I'm not a normal politician, I'm not really doing either of these, but I like the idea of individuals donating $10. I'd rather make an app that is ad free that people pay a buck for. You know, I've put quarters into video games that I've played a couple times (Omega Race, Mr Dos Castle). The idea that I'll only pay if I like it is pretty stupid. It's only 50 cents. Paying if you use it makes sense.

The election is right around the corner. It's pretty much Hail Mary time. I have 50,000 hand printed cards and 100 hand printed music CDs that need to be distributed. I was going to do much of this legwork myself, but work commitments got in the way (don't quit your day job). I've spent $8,000 of my own money on the campaign. Very low as far as political campaigns go, but it was a lot of money to me. I didn't bankrupt myself doing this, but it was a commitment.

If you like the idea of my platform, show some support. Let me know for starters. Send an email. Print out some cards or contact me to help pass some out. I'll give you a CD. This is about the cause: Climate Change. I want to do this work, but moving to DC is undesireable to me. I like my life in Portland doing music and programming. I have financial security to gain from winning the race, but I in no way want to upgrade my lifestyle.

Print out some sheets of cards: Card Sheet PDF

They have lines on them to make cutting them out easy. I print them out on card stock with a laser printer. When you print with a laser printer, the ink won't run in the rain.

Print out a bumper sticker!

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