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Climate change is real. All that carbon went somewhere and the fact that it is warming the Earth comes as no surprise.

If the government could buy our way out of this problem, I believe they would have by now. I don't think that is the solution. I think we all need to rearrange our individual lives to use energy and technology in more efficient ways. I believe that living local is the answer. Literally not traveling out of a 5 mile radius of where you live very often. It can't be legislated. It isn't even possible for 60% of people. But for 40% of people, this can work.

The alternative of course is to continue on the path that we are on and hope that this climate change thing won't be as bad as some of us fear. Do we want to take that risk? Is living within your neighborhood that bad? Is that restaurant across town really all the much better than the one around the corner? Is sitting in rush hour traffic really that much more productive than getting an extra hour of sleep or spending some more time with your family? We invented this technology to "let our fingers do the walking." Let's use it!


If I am elected to Congress, I will introduce the 4040 bill. If the 4040 bill is passed, this should allow 40% of people to drive 40% less (or better). As long as people don't crank up their AC/Heating for their whole house while working at home, this should make a huge difference. That is important: The 4040 bill does not work unless people use less energy at home.

I will also introduce bills to raise taxes on electricity and gasoline. The money to build renewable power plants has to come from somewhere. It is going to take decades to build that infrastructure. Those bills will also incentivize conservation.