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I'm going to give it another go writing a page on agriculture.

I have several people close to me that are huge proponents of organic farming. This UN report that came out in 2014 about the world only having 60 more years left of topsoil with current agricultural practices is what is really concerning them. They think that we can absolutely switch all farming to organic farming.

I have not done enough research on the subject to get to the facts of the scalability of it. There is a lot of conflicting information about it online. If you take the UN report on the face of it, then my political view on the subject is that addressing climate change and fully implementing organic farming comes way before messing around with our healthcare system.

I'm an unfunded political candidate. I'm seriously running for office, but there are hard limits to what I can accomplish on my own. If I had more time, well frankly, this subject is so big and important that it could turn into a whole book. I'd love to do that research and will do my best to carve out some time for this important topic. There simply isn't much more I can say about it before I can get some more facts on the subject.

I do have a lot to say about dieting and the health of food and cooking. Quite honestly, I've been an urban dweller for my whole life. I have a hard time keeping a small garden going, but I do enjoy doing that and growing each season with it.

Please see my food article page and my personal Dot Trombone Cooking page.