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Short Answer: I hold the party line on abortion.

Long Answer:

I always think of the sarcastic Monty Python's Every Sperm is Sacred. Abortion is awful, no doubt about that. But I think it is much more tragic having an 18 year old die than a one month old die that had parents that didn't want them. At 48 years old, I look back on my life and feel I've lived a pretty full life. I wouldn't feel very cheated if it ended now. Again, an 18 year old has a lot to lose. A baby has a lot of dependence and investment before they have any kind of real interaction with the world.

People are pretty divided on this issue and there is a strong religious component to it. In an issue that is divided like that, I say it is up to the individual to decide. So that means making abortion legal. The problem with legalization is that it then becomes a business, and business is in it to make a profit and grow. Similar to marijuana, legalization has its problems too. Still, I say it is up to the parents to decide and government should do its best to curb the nasty business end of it.