If we were serious about cutting carbon emissions...

Would we be driving to the other side of town to use a computer and the phone?

Would we be packaging climate change action with healthcare reform and free college education? Isn't getting bipartisan action on climate change hard enough by itself?

Would we be running our furnace at night while we are sleeping in a warm bed?


If 40% of people turned their heater off while they are sleeping, we would move the needle on climate change, overnight. That is real climate change action. Protesting that the government does something about it is not enough. It's not "ask what your country can do for you." If you want the government to do something about it, it means voting in higher taxes. If we did get a carbon tax and you simply became more productive to earn more money to pay your higher gas and heating bill, then we haven't made a savings. We need taxes and conservation. We need a national leader with this message. I am not hearing any national attention given to climate change conservation.

I'm trying to fill those shoes, but I cannot do it alone. Support this campaign. Turn your heater off at night. Work at home if you can. Drive less. Ride a bike. Live local. Vote for a carbon tax. Tell a friend about my website. Sacrifices have to be made to get anything done. It's a property of 4 dimensional reality. In order to stop doing one thing, you have to do something else. If you are going to stop drinking, do something besides drinking or thinking about drinking.

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This is a national campaign to mitigate the effects of climate change.

I'm running for US Representative from Portland Oregon. Bills that tax have to be introduced in congress.

Our country is the biggest bloc of wealthy consumers in the history of the known universe. Ignoring climate change in favor of more wealth is an idiotic concept in my opinion.

I'm not running this campaign to simply get a job in Washington. I have a good career. I don't even want to move there. I love my house in Portland! But I do want to see serious national discussion about real world climate change solutions. I want an end to this Trump rhetoric. I want these ideas to be seriously debated on a national scale. I want the bills put in the hopper.

From what I've seen, the Drawdown plan makes the most sense aside from my 4040 plan. The two can work together. If a large bloc of people get behind making a real carbon savings overnight, then we can begin the serious work of radically changing our energy infrastructure.


Charles Rand Barnett
2020 Democratic Primary Candidate: US Representative, Oregon, 3rd District
Occupation: Software Developer
Occupational Background: Jazz Trombonist US Navy
Educational Background: Wilson High School (Portland, OR), Some College
Prior Governmental Experience: none

randbarnett.com | 4040in2020.com

The Way of Carbon

I stand for action on climate change, plain and simple. I will use the skills I have to draw attention to this cause.

All this carbon is going somewhere; it doesn't come as a surprise to me that it is making the changes scientists say it is. Building up renewable power is going to require redundancy with fossil fuel plants. That significantly drives up costs. It's a huge undertaking and I think we need to get on with it pronto.

Building up renewable power is going to make carbon emissions worse in the short run. I believe in living locally to mitigate carbon emissions. My 4040 bill is designed to do just that; 40% of people driving 40% less by working from home.


I do have my opinions on all the other typical political issues which I share on my website. We currently have runaway budget deficits. I don't think we are going to solve climate change, Medicare for all, free college education and UBI (universal basic income) all at the same time. After climate change, I believe in reducing the deficit and shoring up social security. A significant cut in social security benefits for my generation is not acceptable.

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